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What I’ve Learned In My First Year… & Some Very Helpful Books

on May 10, 2013

So I have officially made it to my 1 Year Anniversary of being a Fructose Malabsorber, a diagnosis that has changed my life drastically.

I started this blog a year ago because I want to be a positive resource for people who are struggling to keep their tummies happy, just like I do every day.  It is hard, there is no way around it.  And I’ve been sick a lot, despite my best efforts to keep on a strict diet.

I had a “Lightbulb!” moment a couple weeks ago, and though I’m embarrassed it took me so long to put these pieces together, I’m going to suck up my pride and share this with you in the event you find yourself continually sick while trying your best following the “Formal Food List.”

Here it is… I am fructose intolerant.  I was given a food list, but I never really understood how my diagnosis fit it or compared to the larger diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrom.  My understanding of it now…

Fructose Malabsorption IS Irritable Bowel with an Extra Focus on Fructose! 

Open the flood gates to piles of  books on IBS, FODMAPs and Tummy-Friendly Recipes!!!  These resources are wonderful!  I purchased The Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Well with IBS (which I LOVE).  It is a fun read and bursting with useful information.  Now I know that the historically “safe” “staple” carbs in my diet are likely the source of my continued tummy trouble.  I am not intolerant of wheat, BUT wheat is a fructan (which turns into fructose once gets broken down in your gut), and must be eaten in moderation (which is my second problem…*guilty face*).

Here are the books I am excited to read in my 2nd year as a Fructose Malabsorber…

Click on the book to be linked to the associated Amazon page 🙂

Eating Well with IBS

IBS Free At LastLow FODMAP Diet

And as always, please feel free to email me at HappyFructoseFree@gmail.com if you have any specific questions or just want an understanding person to listen to your story.  I am happy to help in any way I can 🙂

Happy Tummies For All in 2013!


8 responses to “What I’ve Learned In My First Year… & Some Very Helpful Books

  1. Sherry says:

    NICE JOB!!! (I take it the Playstation preview is the cost of having the website?). 😄

  2. […] Since Fructose Intolerance is a type of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, one of the best things we Fructose Folks can do for ourselves is…. are you ready for it? […]

  3. Andrea Oliver says:

    Thank you this is the first site that has helped me I was diagnosed a year ago and told to see a dietitian and with no help there have been stumbling my way through

  4. Diane says:

    thanks for the info I do see it differently nnow

  5. Jacky robins says:

    Hi my daughter has been sick for almost a year with the exact symptoms of fructose intolerance …she had an endoscopy and tested for lactose and fructose intolerance …both came back negative …she is in her HSC school year and is struggling to go to school …what test did u have to diagnose you please ?and did u have to load up on foods that had fructose …love to hear back from you …thanx jacky

    • Did your daughter get tested for SIBO? And I’m not a doctor… so if the tests came back negative the only other thing I could suggest looking into is the GAPS Diet. It’s used to treat all sorts of things now, even though it was originally created to help psychological disorders (what I’m trying to say is don’t let the yellow cover with lots of non-digestive disorders scare you.) It is extreme, but it has been extremely effective for healing people’s digestion. IBS diet books are less extreme but wonderful options for many folks after the gut has been healed. Best of luck on your food jouney!


    My friend sent me your blog site information because I was just diagnosed with fructose malabsorption after being diagnosed with small intestine bacteria overgrowth. I am being tested tomorrow for lactose intolerance. The antibiotic Xifaxan did not clear me of my symptoms-it helped a bit. The GI doctor is not putting me on another dose, or at least not at this time. After my test tomorrow, I will be directed to meet with a dietician. I have been 95% gluten free by choice for several years now and perhaps this helped to keep all of this under control until now. Everyone asks me why gluten free and I just remember I was looking to loose weight and have more energy, so I tried it. I felt better, so I assumed I had an intolerance to wheat. Now not sure if that was the case, but so glad I was able to go several years gluten free before this all happened. I obviously will be reading your entire blog and probably will have a ton of questions. Be prepared-you have been warned !!! LOL 🙂

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