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Reducing/Eliminating Whole Grains Leads to a New Tummy Problem

Reducing your whole grain and fibrous fruit & veggie intake can very quickly wreck havoc on your bowels… not fun to talk about, but it is absolutely vital for anybody to feel healthy.

I discovered cranberry juice cocktails (with lots of apple and grape juices mixed in) after my first week of going gluten free, and it helped a bunch.  Since apples and grapes are out of the picture now, all we have left is pure cranberry juice.

This particular variety of pure cranberry juice I found at my local specialty food store, and I must tell you upfront that it is not cheap… BUT!!!   You can still reap all the tummy benefits by diluting it with water and simple syrup.  That quart shown easily turns into a gallon for me (1 quart juice, 1 quart simple syrup or more to suite your taste buds, and 2 quarts water).  Plus we all need more water in our lives anyway 🙂

To Make: Combine equal parts Sugar & HOT Water and wait until all of the sugar dissolves. This is when the liquid becomes clear again.

I’m not sure if, like me, you got curious one Thanksgiving while making cranberry sauce and just had to see what a fresh cranberry tasted like…  BAD IDEA.  Tart, tart and more tart.

This cranberry juice is ALL JUICE, so it desperately needs sugar.  Simple syrup is super easy, and a must have for all Fructose Free Folks.

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Fructose Free Happy Hour!

Ratio: 2 parts Tonic Water to 1 part Gin

I am very excited to say that after YEARS of getting sick off of seemingly every type of alcohol… I have finally found a cocktail that agrees with my tummy!

Hooray for Gin & Tonic!!!

Not only is it readily available but it also inexpensive as far as bar drinks go.

Happy sipping while being Fructose Free 🙂

A Useful Article on Gin & Tonic


Fructose Free Newbie – Week 2 – Weekend Travel

Traveling for anybody with food allergies is a little nerve-wrecking, but for people living with Fructose Intolerance it is nothing short of terrifying

Lurking around every corner there is an unassuming salad, a seasoned piece of chicken, or worst of all… chips & salsa.  As a vegetarian, free chips & salsa or breadsticks with a meal was fantastic!  Being free of fructose… it becomes a staring contest.  Then terrible thoughts creep into your mind as you fantasize about the spicy/garlicky deliciousness in front of you.

But do not despair. 

Depending on your diet that week maybe one bite won’t be a tummy tragedy, but it is a risk.   Your best ally in situations such as these is… *tah dah* Preparation!

Pistachios are safe, portable and delicious, so I have some on me at all times.

Making your own hard candy is another great way to create long lasting and portable treats.  My personal favorite is Glass Candy, and this version doesn’t use corn syrup 🙂

Check it out!  (Makes approx. 1 pound of candy happiness)


2 cups of sugar ~ 1 cup of water ~ 1/4 tsp. of cream of tartar ~ 1 Tbsp. flavoring of choice ~ Liquid food coloring of choice ~ Powdered sugar for dusting (Note: does contain cornstarch)


Prepare a baking sheet with canola oil or non-stick spray of your choice.

Prepare the sides of a large saucepan same way, and then combine the sugar, water and tartar in said pan.  Turn stovetop to medium-low and stir constantly until there are no visible sugar crystals in the mixture.

Attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pan, and increase the heat to medium.  Bring the deliciousness to a boil and cook, without stirring, until it reaches the “hard-crack” stage (approx 300-degrees F).

Remove from the heat and add the flavoring and coloring.

Pour mixture onto the prepared baking sheet, and allow to cool completely before breaking into pieces.  Coat with powdered sugar and store in an air-tight container.


Fructose Free Newbie – Week 1 – “Base Diet”

“Base Diet” is not a technical term, but for me it represents the strictest limitations that your dietary needs could require.   The WORST CASE SCENARIO… if you will be so dramatic with me.

When it comes to fructose, I am struggling to achieve any sort of Base.  It doesn’t help that there is a lot of conflicting information out there on what is and is not OK for us fructose free folks to eat…  but the link below is the most restrictive food list that I’ve found.

Yes, this particular list is the scariest thing I’ve seen in a very long while… possibly ever.  So, naturally, this is what I’m shooting for:

The Terrifying Food List

If I can maintain this diet for a week I will have considered it a victory, but don’t hold your breath.  Though I question calling a “hash brown” a vegetable, they seem to be on the right track.  Also, if you want sympathy from people about your new dietary challenge, send them that link and they cannot help but see how crazy your new lifestyle will be…

But!!!  Don’t be sad.  There is certainly hope

Fructose free lifestyles, as with many food intolerances, operate on a gradient and each person is different.  The good news is that you might be able to have your Almond Milk & Banana Ice Cream with Crunchy Peanut Butter and eat it too!  Yay!  (Recipe will be coming…)

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Newly Diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption

I was diagnosed on May 9th, 2012 via a breath test.

It is my goal for this blog to be an easy-to-use and friendly resource as we learn to navigate our new food universe without fructose.

More will be coming very soon!

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